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Stretching over 41,000sq km with 4,000 thousand relics, Bagan is an irresistible attraction. Every temple or stupa is a unique piece of art and belongs to a different time, so the masters had made them diverse with their own creativeness of mural paintings, stucco, stone inscriptions or plaques. We can get lost in a temple just by chasing its twilight beauty, when the outside light illuminates its windows, murals and mysterious statues with amazing stories. At sunrises and sunsets, visitors can’t help coming to the Old Bagan to contemplate the sun hang over a horizon, prolonging above thousands different-shaped stupas, temples, emerged from the red dusty ground or river. Many tourists do not hesitate to try expensive balloon rides in the morning to contemplate the best-ever sunrise in the world, before landing to visit the relics. You can also save time to go further to Salay incomparable wooden monastery, garden, and Mountain Popa near Bagan, lingering your stay at the town for relaxation. For other tourists, visiting to Bagan will not be fulfilled without joining a biking trip or traditional horse cart ride, when you swing on the back of horses to wander along small paths zigzagging between relics, stopping at any place that captivate your eyes, taking off your shoes before entering.  And the whole progress will give you an unforgettable feeling as well as admiration to the masters’ works.  

Food & Drink

First-time tourists in Bagan may find themselves confused when it comes to the eating decision; that’s why this food guide was created to solve this puzzle for you. In Nyaung U, Old Bagan and New Bagan you will find many small markets, restaurants and eateries where you can grab a bite or shop to picnic at the temples. Also in Bagan itself, the number of souvenir stalls is growing, which also sell snacks and drinks.

Travel Guide

Myanmar is a land of temples and pagodas with Buddha images and figures in every corner. Yet nowhere are they as concentrated as in Bagan. The place is next to Angkor (Cambodia) at the top of the list of architectural highlights that you should have seen in your life. More than 4,400 religious buildings were built between the 11th and 13th centuries on a mere 40 square kilometer area in and around Bagan. A count in the 1990s has shown that today there are still about 2,230 of them - in different good condition.



Unsere Wahl: Frühes Aufwachen, um den besten Sonnenaufgang der Welt zu genießen; Ballon über dem Bagan; Besuchen Sie Überreste mit Pferdewagen und entdecken Sie jedes abwechslungsreiche Kunstwerk an jedem Stupa oder Turm.

Radfahren Touren

Verwenden Fahrräder oder Pferdewagen anstelle von Fahrzeugen, um die Gegend sauber und ruhig zu halten und das Vieh der Einheimischen nicht zu erschrecken.

Kultur Besichtigungen

Übernachten in einem Hotel in der Nähe des Flusses, genießen lokales Essen mit den Einheimischen, schlendern durch Nyaung-U und besuchen die Shwezigon-Pagode bei Sonnenuntergang

Deluxe Busfahrt

Geben den Einheimischen Arbeit, indem Sie anstelle von Flügen mit dem Nachtbus oder, wenn möglich, mit dem Nachtbus oder dem Flussweg von / nach Yangon und Mandalay reisen.

Religiöse Touren

Toller Ort für Meditation, religiöse Touren, Bildungsreisen und Themen touren über bildende Kunst.

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